Tomis operating

The Multiplication

  1. Set the “Repeat key”
  2. Enter the multiplicand on the main keyboard – for example: 987’339
  3. Enter the multiplier, one digit after another, on the multiplication keyboard. After each digit, the keyboard shifts automatically one position at right, for example: 76549
  4. Press the “Multiplication bar”. Calculation begins and the partial results appear in the upper Register of the carriage.
  5. The final result is displayed (75’579’813’111) and the “Multiplication bar” is released.


Above the machine


Under the machine

The Division

  1. Push both levers (ADD/SUB, Division) completely at left
  2. Push the carriage completely at right
  3. Enter the Dividend by turning manually the knobs under the main upper Register, for example: 22
  4. Enter the Divisor, by pressing the appropriate keys just under the Dividend, for example: 7
  5. Press once the button starting the motor
  6. Calculation begins and the final result (3,142’857’142) is displayed on the bottom Register of the carriage. The remainder, if necessary, is displayed on the upper Register.