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The collector’s corner

This collection shows models designed between 1913 and 1928.
The term “Long Madas” is not an official designation but a usual expression intended to differentiate the original Madas of the latest models, known as “Madas Portable”.
These machines are based on the concept of stepped drums. This is a real break compared to the Millionaire. Division is fully automatic on all models starting from 1915.
These models were sold even after 1931, probably still one or two years after the birth of the “Madas Portable”. From the first simple model (VII Max), with sliders, we can distinguish arbitrarily 3 main sets of improvement.

  • The first one is the introduction of a keyboard in place of the legacy system of sliders.
  • The second one is the implementation of a small additional keyboard for introducing the multiplier. According to H.W. Eglis’ nomenclature, we can consider the models equipped with this new feature as “half-automatic”.
  • Finally, the third great improvement is the implementation of a special touch key for starting multiplication. These advanced machines are fully automatic and named by H.W. Egli “Superautomat”.

The identification table, below, orders the models according to the level of evolution.

Identification of "Long Madas"

ModelCode namePrecisionSlider / KeyboardMotorMultiplier
VIII(no code name)8-9-16SliderNoNoNo
VII TMALTA9-7-12KeyboardNoNoNo
VIIe TMISS9-7-12 (14)KeyboardYesNoNo
IX TMALAGA9-9-16KeyboardNoNoNo
IXe TMINA9-9-16 (18)KeyboardYesNoNo
XI TMARON11-9-16KeyboardNoNoNo
XIe TMILO11-9-16 (18)KeyboardYesNoNo
XI TEfor english currency11-7-16KeyboardNoNoNo
XIe TEfor english currency11-7-16KeyboardYesNoNo
VIIe TSSEMIS9-7-12 (14)KeyboardYesYesNo
IXe TSSEMINA9-9-16 (18)KeyboardYesYesNo
XIe TSSEMILO11-9-16 (18)KeyboardYesYesNo
VIIe TATOMIS9-7-12 (14)KeyboardYesYesYes
IXe TATOMINA9-9-16KeyboardYesYesYes


All models with the letter “e” have an electric motor
All models with the letter “T” have a keyboard
All models with the letter “S” have a 10 digits supplemental keyboard for the multiplier
All models with the letter “A” have a special operation bar for starting the automatic multiplication