S/N 7871 - Belongs to Walter Szrek

S/N 7871 – Belongs to Walter Szrek

This model is part of the family to which belong the “VII MAX” and the “IX MAXIMA”.
Its capacity is 11-9-16.

As on all models with this precision (11-9-16), this ability is interesting because of a special device, to obtain a kind of double-register to the result. It is a small rotating button, located above the “Result register”. When the white line is in the vertical position, clearing of the register is effective only on the 7 positions farthest to the right. This equals, for exemple, a multiplication of 4 digits by 3 digits. The successive operations thus stack on the left side, while it is possible to clear the right side after each operation.

This type of operation is found, most notably, upon issuance of an invoice, on which the total amount is calculated from intermediate amounts.

It should also be noted that, on this model, the first two sliders at left cannot be used for operating an automatic division. So, the divisor can be composed at most of 9 digits.

The picture below shows another beautiful example of this interesting model.

XI Male 6868

S/N 6868 – Private collection