S/N 42148 – Private collection

This machine belongs to the family of models called “Superautomat”. This type of machine dates back to 1927. There are 2 models in this family, “VIIe TA TOMIS” with a precision 9-7-12 (14) and «IXe TA TOMINA» with precision 9-9-16. It is characterized by the faculty to carry out multiplication of a completely automatic way, as was the case for the division, on the first MADAS of 1913.

Beside the first column at left, next to the key “1”, we can see the item counter. This simple device makes it possible to check the number of items which are being added.

Both “Superautomatic” machines imply the presence of a motor.
In addition to the main keyboard, there is a small secondary keyboard, on the left, for the introduction of the multiplier, as well as a bar, called multiplying bar, to start the operation.
The manner in which the “Madas Superautomatic” performs multiplications is partially described on the “VIIe TA TOMIS” page.

The unit which contains both the keys for introducing the multipicator and the multiplication bar is very compact, compared to the same feature on the “VIIe TA TOMIS”.
The keys are arranged on two rows of three columns and one row of four columns, with the zero in the center. The multiplication bar is shorter and the unit includes also the “DIV STOP” key.