S/N 40807 - Private collection

S/N 40807 – Private collection

This machine belongs to the family of models called “Superautomat”. This type of machine dates back to 1927. There are 2 models in this family, “VIIe TA TOMIS” with a precision 9-7-12 (14) and «IXe TA TOMINA» with precision 9-9-16. It is characterized by the faculty to carry out multiplication of a completely automatic way, as was the case for the division, on the first MADAS of 1913.

Both “Superautomatic” machines imply the presence of a motor.
In addition to the main keyboard, there is a small secondary keyboard, on the left, for the introduction of the multiplier, as well as a bar, called multiplying bar, sometimes white-coloured, sometimes yellow-coloured, to start the operation.

Here are the original instructions for using the keys involved in the automtic multiplication