Private collection

Private collection

This model, fairly widespread, has the distinctive characteristic of not having a “Codename”. It is similar to the “VII MAX” model, but with additional digits. While the “VII MAX” has a precision of 7 digits for the setting, 7 digits for the counter and 16 digits for the accumulator, this one has a precision of 8-9-16. We can understand it as an intermediate machine between the “VII MAX” and the “IX MAXIMA”.


As a matter of fact, the 8-9-16 model fits exactly in the box of a 9-9-16 model.The lever for clearing the slider part is just placed slightly more on the right, compared to the “MAXIMA”. We could easily say that the “VIII” model is a more advanced “VII MAX”, or a “IX MAXIMA” with 8 sliders instead of 9. The weight is 16.8 kg. That is, more or less, 4 kg more than the “VII MAX”.

S/N 4879 - Private collection

S/N 4879 – Private collection