S/N 10743 - Private collectiom

S/N 10743 – Private collectiom

This machine belongs to the family of half-automatic models (SEMIS, SEMINA, SEMILO). On these models, a special secondary keyboard, at left, allows to enter the digits for the multiplier, one by one. After each pressure on a key, the product is calculated for the multiplicand multiplied by the key value, added to the “Total Register”, and the carriage is moved one position to the left.

On the half-automatic models, it is necessary to enter the digits for the multiplier, one by one, and wait for the carriage shifting before entering the next digit. On the superautomatic models, all digits of the multiplier are entered at once, then the multiplication is calculated automatically by pressing a special bar (see the VIIe TA TOMIS”).


The “VIIe TS SEMIS” has a nominal precision of 9-7-12 with an option for 9-7-14. The machine shown here above has a motor behind the body, as it was for all models with motor, in the first version. In the second version, the motor is placed under the body.

The “VIIe TS SEMIS can be considered as the first real evolution of the “VIIe T MISS” thanks to the adjunction of the multiplier keyboard. This machine has the “DIV STOP” key, as described on the “VIIe T MISS”‘s page, which was added to all electrical models since the year 1927. The VIIe TS SEMIS is the small sister of the IXe TS SEMINA which has a 9-9-16 precision. The operation mode is exactly the same. One can apply the method described on the video linked to the SEMINA.