S/N 6792 – Belongs to the National Museum of American History

The “IXe T MINA” belongs to the family of the first machines which had both the keyboard and a motor. This family includes the “VIIe T MISS” (9-7-12) and the “XIe T MILO” (11-9-16). This machine has an intermediate precision of 9-9-16 with an option for 9-9-18.

The machine which is presented above is historically interesting. The presence of the keyboard means that it was built after 1922, but, as there is no “DIV STOP” key, that means that it was made between 1922 and 1927, while the “DIV STOP” appeared in 1927. Moreover, the keyboard’s keys are small and round, as it was the standard before 1924. From 1924 onwards, the new standard is to provide bigger rectangular keys which allowed a more comfortable use of the keyboard.