S/N 7885 – Private collection

The XIT MARON belongs to a family where models were fitted with a keyboard (later than 1922), but without motor. The version which is shown here above has already the standard keyboard with rectangular keys, made after 1924, while the picture opposite shows an older version with round keys. This family includes the “VII T MALTA” with precision 9-7-12, the “IX T MALAGA” with precision 9-9-16, and the “XI T MARON” with precision 11-9-16.
Just like on every model with this precision (11-9-16), we find a special device, to obtain a kind of double-register to the result. It is a small rotating button, located above the “Result register”, between the seventh and eighth digit. When the white line is in the vertical position, clearing of the register is effective only on the 7 positions farthest to the right. This equals, for exemple, a multiplication of 4 digits by 3 digits. The successive operations thus stack on the left side, while it is possible to clear the right side after each operation.