S/N 6898- Belongs to Rijnko Fekkes

S/N 6898- Belongs to Rijnko Fekkes

This model is part of the first machines fitted with both a keyboard and a motor, so later than 1922.
This family includes the “VIIe T MISS” with precision 9-7-12 (14), the “IXe T MINA” with precision 9-9-16 (18), and the “XIe T MILO” with precision 11-9-16 (18). It is an intermediate model between machines of the first generation, and powerful machines of the latest generation, either half automatic or fully automatic. The price for automatic machines was nevertheless very high and therefore less afordable than this intermediate range.
The version here above is an early version (before 1924) with round keys and no “DIV STOP” button. It is a beautiful machine but the motor (normally at the back for this period) has been removed.
S/N 12422 - Belongs to the "Conservatoire national des arts et métiers", Paris

S/N 12422 – Belongs to the “Conservatoire national des arts et métiers”, Paris

With serial number #12422, it is a version later than 1927, since the machine is fitted up with the «DIV STOP» button. The keyboard has rectangular keys, according to the standard after 1924.

The version below, with serial number #9702 and #9727 is an old “T MILO”, with its motor at the back.
Indeed, we see that the motor is mounted at the rear, which is typical of the first electrical machines, and we can also point out that there is no ‘DIV STOP’ button on the left of the keyboard. So we are in the presence of the first version of electrical Madas calculators.


S/N 9702

S/N 9727 - Private collection

S/N 9727 – Private collection