The “IX T Malaga” belongs to the first basic models built with a keyboard in place of the “traditional” sliders. This family includes the “VII T Malta” and the “XI Male”. The keyboard appeared on the various models in 1922. Machines with sliders, however, were still sold after 1922. The precision is 9-9-16. That means that the standard keyboard is divided into 9 white and black columns, which can be supplied in any desired arrangement on request. It was also possible to order a machine with all keys in black or white colour. The “Total Register” has 16 positions.

This particular machine (S/N 7442) has a keyboard with rectangular keys for introducing the figures. This type of keyboard was a new standard on the “madas” after 1924. It has, however, an old type of operation keys, which were replaced after 1925, according to the specifications below:

  1. The key marked “I” was replaced by a key marked with a plain text “ADD”
  2. The key marked “X” was replaced by a key marked with a plain text “REP”

The new keys have a greater diameter and are painted with a white backgroud color and a black foreground color.

The machine shown here has already a feature named “item counter“, which is normally a standard on all models “IX” and “XI”, but was not present on the first versions.
This simple device, to the left of the first column, next to the key “1”, allows to block the key, while performing a series of additions. The number of operations is therefore visible simultaneously in the left part of the “Total Register”.