S/N 3527 – Owned by John Wolff in Melbourne

This first model, with a capacity of 7/7/12, is the simplest one. It is the first machine, based on stepped drums, capable of performing divisions, automatically. The introduction of figures is made by sliders. The early machines have a single lever for switching between Division and other kinds of operation. This was a weakness in terms of reliability. On the later versions, this lever was replaced by two distinct levers. You can see these differences on both pictures. The weight is about 12.5 kg.
The initial color is black. It was not painted. It was finished the same way as the Millionaire, by chemical blackening of the brass. The numbers and lettering are engraved deeply and filled with a white metal alloy which is not affected by the blackening. The serial number is stamped in an oval area, only when the machine is assembled.
We often see machines, in any model, where the surface has been polished with various processes, and which have lost their original black color (See example below)
S/N 4647 - Private collection

S/N 4647 – Private collection