S/N 11024 - Private collection

S/N 11024 – Private collection

The “VII T Malta” is the first basic model built with a keyboard in place of the “traditional” sliders. The keyboard appeared on the various models in 1922. Machines with sliders, however, were still sold after 1922. The precision is 9-7-12. That means that the standard keyboard is divided into 9 white and black columns, which can be supplied in any desired arrangement on request. On this model, the Divisor can be entered only with the 6 columns at right. Moreover, the first two columns at left are automatically inactivated when a Division is to be set-up.

The crank with its beautiful brass crankpin.


The left size of the keyboard with the “Divisor” set-point
The back with the painted acronym “MADAS”
Here is another version of this model. On this version, made before 1924, the keyboard keys are round and the glass protection is pierced to pass the screws, while the version above (S/N 11024) shows the new standard, after 1924, with rectangular keys and a glass protection held at the ends by metal parts..

S/N 7691 – Private collection