The Millionaire of Otto Steiger

The various models, identified in this table, are based on official documents published by H.W Egli AG.

According to official company data, production gradually stopped between 1928 and 1930.

A final count of sold machines was made on January 15, 1931.

The statistical data was reported on October 7, 1933 by the “Millionaire” production manager, Adolf Haarpaintner, and revised in 1941.

On the other hand, an undetermined number of machines were built but were not sold.

Identification of "The Millionaire"

ModelCode namePrecisionSliders / KeyboardDouble RegisterMotorMultiplier KeyboardProduction
ExcelsiorExcelsior *4-6-10SlidersNoNo25
VI T--6-6-12KeyboardNoNo77
VIII TEddy8-8-16KeyboardNoNo459
VIIIe TAnton8-8-16KeyboardYesNo562
VIIIe T MTAntonmult8-8-16KeyboardYesYes112
VIII TD--8-8-16-16KeyboardXNoNo38
VIIIe TDAntonius8-8-16-16KeyboardXYesNo206
VIIIe TD MTAntoniusmult8-8-16-16KeyboardXYesYes98
Xe TBarbara10-10-20KeyboardYesNo189
Xe T MTBarbaramult10-10-20KeyboardYesYes43
XIIe TBarde12-8-20KeyboardYesNo15
XIIe T MTBardemult12-8-20KeyboardYesYes2
XIIe TDBarnum12-8-20-20KeyboardXYesNo50
XIIe TD MTBarnummult12-8-20-20KeyboardXYesYes17
Overall production5099

* On this model, only the multiplication is available.