S/N 8155 – Private collection

This model corresponds to the electric version of the “XI MALE” model. Both models have 11 sliders.
The motor, available from 1922, is located at the rear of the machine. It is covered with a metal shield and is connected to the main mechanism by a belt on the right side. A power button is placed on top, to switch off by pressing it down. A crank is available as an other alternative. The same kind of motor and power transmission unit was also installed on machines with a keyboard.

The XIe MEDA is rare. It belongs to a set of three machines, having sliders and motor, the VIIe METAL, the IXe METALLIC, the XIe MEDA.

Like the XI MALE, this machine has the special button (between the dials 7 and 8) allowing to divide the Product Register into two separate Registers, when we need to clear only the right side and keep the left side unchanged.