S/N 10527 - Private collection

S/N 10527 – private collection

The “VIIe T MISS” is the basic model of the “Long Madas” having both a keyboard and a motor. These options were available from 1922. The standard precision is 9-7-12, in line with the “VII T MALTA”. There is an available option for an extended precision of 9-7-14. As it was already said for the “T MALTA”, the Divisor can be entered only with the 6 columns at right and the first two columns at left are automatically inactivated when a Division is to be set-up.
Since 1927, all electrical machines have a key (often red), named “DIV STOP”. This key can be used during the Division. By means of the “DIV STOP”, every division, after the machine has calculated to the required number of places, can be interrupted by a short pressure on the above-mentioned key.


As for most of the models with motor, in the first version, the motor was placed at the back of the machine, while, in the last version, it was placed underneath. That was possible through a lengthening of the rear legs, increasing therefore the angle of the keyboard.

Here, we can see the drive coupling with the transmission belt. On the left side, the motor placed at the rear, on the right-hand side, the motor placed underneath.