This model is similar to the model 16LG, but with a difference in the method of setting the dividend into “Register I”. In model 16LG, the dividend is set by addition from the keyboard, after which the “Counting Register” (Register II) must be cleared. Model 16LS is, however, provided with a “Dividend Set-Up Key”, a rectangular green key marked ” : “ to the left of the rows numbered 6 and 7. When this key is used, a number set on the keyboard is automatically transferred into the left of “Register I”, no entry is made in “Register II” and the keyboard is automatically cleared after the transfer has been made.

In addition, this model has tabulator buttons for predetermining the number of decimal places through-out division calculations. These are small green buttons, numbered 0, 1, 2, etc. from right to left, at the top left-hand end of the Carriage.