Like the 16L, this model is the first machine (series ā€œLā€) with all the functions, arithmetic or carriage shifts, being electrically-driven. New keys were added to move the carriage, clear the Registers, and begin operations. The difference, compared to the 16L, is only its greater capacity. While this machine has an “automatic division” ability, it has not yet a “Dividend setup” key.
The great improvement, with regard to the arithmetic operations, is the user-friendliness of negative values, in particular fully automatic positive and negative division, with button for optional stop before completion. The knobs, in the upper part of the carriage, allow direct setting of dividends when using constant divisor.
The shift-keys enable easily the operator to choose into which dials of the “Register I” the number set on the keys is added or from what dials it is subtracted. Multiplication is still performed semi-automatically by means of a sequence of carriage shifts and additions (or subtractions).
“Register I” shows 20 digits, “Register II” and “Register III” show 10 digits each.