Model 16 is very similar to the model 12 (see description of Madas 12). The keyboard has also a capacity of 8 digits, and the “Counting Register” has also 8 digits but the “Product Register” has a 16-digit capacity. As a matter of fact, the machine which is shown here is really a hand-driven machine, but it is a second generation of this model. The body is the same as the 16e’s. So, this architecture allows to build a model 16 or 16e with the same body. This standardization’s approach will be a constant on all MADAS machines, for the main components.

When the hand-driven machine belongs to the second generation, the place for the motor remains free, and there is a hole in the back, instead of the electric socket.

Moreover, the clear key (marked “0”) is placed on the left side of the keyboard, while it is on the right side (below the “Corr” key) for the first models (see description of Madas 12). The “add/sub” key is simplified with regard to the original Model 12.