This model is an interesting development of the previous 16e model. Keys are square, and there are two separate keys for Additions or Subtractions. A small lever, to the right of the “Plus-key” allows to push the carriage from left to right, while another lever below the “Minus-key” allows the carriage to be pushed again on the left. Both shifts are not electrically-driven. The shift from right to left is made thru a wire of nylon attached to a wheel driven by a spiral spring.

As on the 16e model, there is a bell on the left-hand side, for acknowledging the end of Division. A particular feature of this model is the keyboard, having octagonal keys, and the method to control the numbers set on the keyboard. When a key is depressed, its value is shown on the front face of the key immediately above it. This is a simple method which is a substitute for “Register III”, generally available in other models. We must notice that this special feature is present only in models 12eN and 16eN.