This model can be understood, at least partially, as a plan of continuity between the Madas 16LG and the fully-automatic models (type “B”). The keyboard has 10 digits, “Register II” has 10 digits and the “Product Register” has 20 digits. It is still a semi-automatic model. In addition to the features of model 16LG, this model has automatic dividend set-up. At the touch of a key, the carriage registers are cleared, the carriage positioned, the dividend entered and the keyboard cleared, ready for setting-up a divisor, without a figure “1” appearing in the quotient register (“Register II”).

The model 20LVG makes use of a split-lever for partial clearing of “Register I”. This is a small black lever situated centrally on the carriage above the direct access keys of “Register I”. When the lever is horizontal, normal clearing of the entire 20 digits of the “Product Register” is operative. When, however, the lever is set in a vertical position, dials 1 to 7 only may be cleared.

Weight: 13 kg. Size: 28cm x 30 cm